What we do

  • Our services span the hotels and hospitality spectrum from luxury, select service and budget hotels, serviced apartments, timeshare, convention centers, mixed-use developments , and logistic systems.

We work closely together as a local, regional and European team, sharing specialist skills, knowledge and contacts to deliver the best service for the Investor.

 Thanks to our well-connected network we can provide specialist teams and services for the real estate market, businessmen and investors to meet the particular needs of Hospitality  players and Real Estate funds:


  • Logistic consulting: automated system capable, by means of  bracelets, RFID tech,key cards or bar-code, of:

a) automatic storage,  distribution and recollection of work uniforms and sanitary stuff

b) innovative management of locker rooms either for employees and for visitors, customers. No more old dirty lockers but storing bags that can save significant space

c) Automatic cloakroom for HOTELS, CASINOS,MUSEUMS,HOSPITALS,AIRLINES etc, available 24×7

d) Automatic Management of access,billing, bath towel collection for CLUB VILLAGES,CRUISE SHIPS,SPA etc

These systems can solve several problems like : Optimisation of company spaces; Elimination the risk of theft; Maximum hygiene, always; Control of accesses and timing; Maximum Surveillance; in the same time granting utter personalisation and flexibility. The over 1000 systems working worldwide claim that this  is THE solution for  such areas

          ♦Hospitality                             ♦ Office                                              ♦Residential                                 ♦Luxury villas                                  ♦Retail

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